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Nuclear Stress Test

A Nuclear stress test is a common test to have done. Typically the doctors order this to check and see if there is any possible blockages (cholesterol built up reducing blood flow) to your arteries. This is done by injecting you with a nuclear tracer and taking pictures of your heart while resting and exercising. Early detection of a possible blockage could prevent you from a heart attack.

Things You Can Expect:

Being hooked up to an IV

Laying still on the Nuclear table for close to 15 minutes with your left arm above your head (for the pictures)

Either walking on a treadmill or given a medication to mimic as if you were on a treadmill

For more information on a nuclear stress test click here.


Cardiac Nuclear Stress Testing Prepping:

(Lexiscan or Exercise):

Cardiac Nuclear Stress Testing (Lexiscan or Exercise):
1. No caffeine or decaffeinated products 24 hours prior to the test. This
includes: soda, coffee, tea, chocolate and medications that contain caffeine.
2. NPO (nothing by mouth) and stop smoking 4 hours prior to test. However,
water is allowed.
3. Stop any Imdur 24 hours prior to the test IF YOU ARE DOING A
4. Bring a current list of medications. Bring any beta blockers, insulin and
glucose meter in case needed.
5. Wear comfortable shoes and clothing.
6. MEN- If you are going to be on the treadmill and have a hairy chest you will
need to be shaved. If you do not shave we will do it here.
7. Please expect to be here from anywhere 2-5 hours. We encourage you to
bring a light snack and something to drink, just keep in mind the no caffeine.
*If for some reason, you no show or not follow the preparation for testing
there will be a $200 fee charged to you. The medication that is used for the
cardiac testing is specific to your height and weight.
* We will call 2 days ahead of time to confirm with you. If we do not confirm
by 3pm the second day we WILL cancel this. Also, confirming with the
automatic system for the stress test is NOT a consider a confirmation with
our office, we need to personally speak with you.

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