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Cardiac Testing

Cardiac testing is very simple and if done in time can prevent hospital visits or even fatal events. At your appointment you may be asked to do an Echocardiogram or a Stress test. These are the most commmon tests.


This is a basic ultrasound done with gel applied to the chest area. Reasons why the doctor could be ordering this to check on the structure of your heart. An echo can show the doctor the size and condition of your valves. More importantly it can show the strength of your heart muscle to see if it is squeezing hard enough to pump blood efficiently. It typically takes about a half hour and is painless. 

Stress test

A stress test can be done a couple different ways. One way is without imaging and that is called a Non Nuclear stress test. This consists of you being hooked up to an EKG machine and walking on a tredmill. Here the doctors are looking for possible signs of a blockage in the arteries or arrhythmias. 



An Echocardiogram is a simple test that can show the doctor lots of vital information. The whole test typically takes about a half hour.

Nuclear Stress Test

A Nuclear stress test is a common test to have done. Typically the doctors order this to check and see if there is any possible blockages (cholesterol built up reducing blood flow) to your arteries.

Non Nuclear Stress Test

A non nuclear stress test is done without pictures. So you will be required to walk on a tredmill. The doctor will want to see how your heart reacts to exercise.

Venous Reflux Ultrasound

A simple ultrasound done on your legs can help the doctors determine if your veins are the reason your legs could be swelling.

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