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About Our Clinic

Advanced Cardiovascular Clinic’s office is located on Pierson road in Flushing with physicians Dr. Alkotob, Dr. Issawi, Dr. Abed, Dr. Ismail, and Dr. Haddad. Contact our office at 810-600-3399 for further details and the doctors’ schedules.

Welcome to Our Clinic

We started in 2009 in a small shared office with only 3 patient rooms. We have grown so much that we are now in our own suite that is very spacey to make all of our patients comfortable. Having a heart condition can be very stressful and it is all of our jobs at ACC to ease that stress.

We understand that our patients needs vary, so in our waiting room we have big individual comfortable chairs as well as couches to choose from. There is always enough room for our patients who may be in wheelchairs or even stretchers. The entertainment in the waiting room varies from T.V to magazines or even toys for the little ones that may come in with you. With our spacious patient rooms you have the ability to bring back any family member during the office visit.

We do not like to make our patients go very far from home, so for your convenience we have in house testing for all of your cardiac needs.

All ACC doctors are affiliated with all 3 local hospitals, so we can go to where you are comfortable. Also when you call our office the staff picks up directly, no prompts to listen to, so you can get immediate assistance.

Here at ACC, the staff and patients are like family, and we strive to keep it that way.

Dr. Alkotob
Monday 10am-4:00pm
Wednesday 10am-4:00pm

Dr. Abed
Tuesday 11am-3:30pm
Dr. Issawi
Tuesday 2pm-4:00pm
Thursday 11:30am-4:00pm

Dr. Ismail
Monday 1pm-4:40pm
Wednesday 10am-4:00pm

Dr. Haddad 

Monday 10am-4:00pm
Wednesday 10am-4:00pm


Better Health Care is Our Mission

ph: (810) 600-3399
fax: (810) 600-3398


6122 West Pierson Road
Unit 1
Flushing , MI 48433