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Cardiac Procedures

Advanced Cardiovascular Clinic’s office is located on Pierson road in Flushing with physicians Dr. Alkotob, Dr. Abed, Dr. Issawi, Dr. Ismail. and Dr Haddad. Contact our office at 810-600-3399 for further details and the doctors’ schedules.

Cardiac Catheterization

A cardiac cath is done in the hopsital. The doctor will insert a tiny catheter into an artery near your groin where they can follow that all the way up to your heart.

TEE Transesophageal Echocardiogram

A TEE is a form of an echo that is done by swallowing a camera. This is typically done under anesthesia and gives the doctors a closer more accurate view of the heart.

Device Implants

Pacemakers and ICDs are a small electrical device that gets implanted under the skin to prevent fatal heart arrhythmias.

Cardiac Ablation

A cardiac ablation is done through a catheter in the vein, from there the doctor can cauderize the electical circut that is causing the abnormal heart rhythm.

EPS Electrophysiology Study

An Electrophysiology Studies (EPS) are tests that help doctors understand the nature of abnormal heart rhythms (arrhythmias)


A Cardioversion is done to get your heart back into a normal sinus rhythm if it goes into Atrial fibrillation. It is done by receiving a shock from paddles while under anesthesia.

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